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The Best Price for Perspex Sheets Perth

When planning to renovate your bathroom or laundry, you may think that tiles are the best option. No, they’re not. As you may know, tiling can be hard to deal with because of the long process of cutting and shaping. Followed by an application of the adhesives and grout. It’s quite a hard process and […]

4 Tips for Designing Your New Bathroom | Bathroom Renovators

4 Tips for Designing Your New Bathroom

Bathroom Renovators – Renovating your bathroom is such a rewarding experience and the finished product will not only make your home look more appealing, but a well designed bathroom can even make your life more convenient. At WA Assett, we understand the value and joy a well-designed renovation can bring and are here to help […]

the build renovation checklist

The Build Renovation Checklist

We’ve all heard nightmare stories about renovation projects where many factors can go wrong – a huge investment, months of dust and disruption, going over budget, delays, half done projects and poor workmanship. For one thing renovation is complex, especially for a bathroom renovation project, so before you start on your renovation project it is […]

Renovation Tip #1

Discuss your ideas thoroughly with a qualified experienced builder before you start If you are going to start out on a renovation project, for example a bathroom renovation project, it is essentially important that you have a good plan in place if you want it to work out successfully. Therefore it is vital that you […]