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    Acrylic Mirror Sheet

    acrylic mirror sheet cut to size

    What is an acrylic mirror sheet and why is it so popular? Acrylic mirror sheets are made from a clear sheet of acrylic which has a silver reflective surface area and is the perfect alternative to heavy, fragile and expensive glass.

    This is the reason why it has suddenly surged in popularity and is fast becoming the design option in homes, retail and commercial spaces. With acrylic mirror sheets cut to size, you can use them where you like and how you like.

    Advantages of Acrylic Mirror Sheet

    There are many advantages to acrylic mirror sheets. The first one is that it is safe. Unlike glass, acrylic mirror sheets will not shatter or splinter if broken.

    Instead, it will form large, blunt shards. This makes it the perfect alternative for glass in areas of high public activity such as:

    The other advantage is that gives the very same crispness and clarity of reflection because of the silver mirrored surface and the grey backing on the reverse. Acrylic mirror sheer cut-to-size options make it incredibly versatile and can be used in so many different places in just as many different ways. Acrylic is also much more durable and stronger than glass, with as much as ten times extra influence resistance than equivalent glass sheets.

    Despite the strength, acrylic is unbelievably lightweight so it’s simple to manage as well as a mount, no matter how large the sheets are. Mirror acrylic is also a lot more cost-effective than glass mirrors which makes it more accessible to everyone and ideal for companies who want high design and functionality without the high price tag eating into their budget. Acrylic is additionally very immune to weather, so it’s excellent for indoor as well as outside applications, especially commercial and retail window and door signage.

    Why Use an Acrylic Mirror?

    As polymer can be made used for both interior and exterior applications, it is suitable for a variety of domestic or commercial design projects. In addition to being utilised as a replacement for typical glass mirrors in the residence, it can additionally be used to excellent effect in health clubs and also dance studios for wall-length mirrors, as well as for secure mirrors. Mirror acrylic can be utilised for:

    It’s a great material for use in outdoor and small garden areas to create the feeling of a larger space and acrylic mirror sheet cut to size and designed allows for you to be very artistic and theatrical which adds another design dimension to your space. This versatile material is also incredibly easy to work with and install. You don’t need to hire a tradesman, so you can save even more money.

    Maintenance Tips for Acrylic Mirror

    The beauty of an acrylic mirror is that it is super easy to clean and maintain. All you need is warm, soapy water and soft cotton fabric. This makes it a great option for public areas and areas which are vulnerable to dirt as they can be cleaned promptly and also efficiently with marginal effort.

    Are Acrylic Mirrors That Good?

    In short yes! They are lighter and also more budget-friendly than glass mirrors and have a much higher effect resistance than glass mirrors. The only small drawback is that acrylic is incredibly flexible which means it needs to be set up well to ensure there are no distortions.

    Acrylic Mirror Sheet Cut to Size

    Companies like CDC Laser have in-house fabrication which includes 3 high-speed lasers, line bending and CNC routing to cut your acrylic mirror sheet to your exact measurements. The machine is accurate to the millimetre and ensures the grey support is not damaged.

    Can the Acrylic Mirror Be Used Outside?

    Yes, the plastic mirror is perfect for outside usage, particularly as it’s 10 times more temperature resistant than glass and will not fade or discolour in sunlight.

    What Can I Use Mirrored Acrylic For?

    Acrylic mirror sheets are flexible and can be put to a range of uses in and around the home such as:

    It is also great for businesses and commercial rooms such as fitness and centres for walled mirrors and changing rooms, which can be expensive to set up if using glass. It’s more hardwearing than glass and lighter on the wall surface, so there’s much less danger of it dropping and damaging. Because you can cut the sheets to any kind of dimension or shape it is great for shelving and shop fittings, acrylic display stands and boxes.

    The reflective nature of the mirrored acrylic sheets makes them excellent for use in bathrooms or on the backs of doors to open the area and bring in light. CDC Laser is a major distributor of acrylic sheets with quick turnaround & cut-to-size capabilities. They offer an extensive range of:

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