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    Everything You Should Know About The Australian Government Building Grants 2020

    Everything You Should Know About The Australian Government Building Grants 2020

    The Australian Government announced a $25,000 HomeBuilder grant in 2020 for eligible owner-occupiers to help build a new home or substantially renovate their existing home. The government recently increased the construction start-up time from six to 18 months. Covid-19 had brought a massive change (and is still ongoing) to the world, many sectors have been affected by the pandemic, such as travel limitations, stagnant businesses and strict implementation of health preventive measures.

    The whole world is in healing mode; no warm hug is allowed as people are being distant from each other, cutting down every possible outside activity to reduce the spread of the virus. Several State governments of Australia have released some responses and are giving support to the community due to the pandemic. Renovation and housing construction are mainly aimed to support the industry. 

    However, just who is eligible for the grant and what are the requirements? Here are the requirements that you should meet:

    Subsequently, if you are qualified, there are several requirements aside from the contract that you should meet. For example, the contract should be negotiated at a fair market price, to avoid people from asking the builder to mark up the costs in order you can get the grant. The Government’s HomeBuilder scheme also requires that the contractor should not be anyone you have a relationship with, such as family.

    The project should be handled by a certified builder, depending on which state or territory you are in. Moreover, if you are sceptical that your builder has marked up the prices by cause of these grants, you should ask them to show the cost and compare it to a similar project last July, whether it is the same or lower. There are also some factors that you should consider.

    Some essential things need to be considered whether you will renovate your house:


    After reading the article you should have understood more about the HomeBuilder stimulus scheme and it is very understandable how people are intrigued by the Federal GGovernment’soffer. Moreover, if you are a qualified applicant, have you decided between house renovation or building a new one?

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