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    Thinking to DIY your Bathroom Resurfacing Project? Think Twice!

    bathroom resurfacing

    If you are the unlucky one that has ended up with an avocado-coloured bathtub against brown tiles, I don’t blame you for wanting to update it. After an endless amount of research, you find out the replacement cost and sit on the idea for a couple of years. Then someone may have told you about bathroom resurfacing.

    Bathroom resurfacing in Perth is the cheaper and quicker solution to a new-looking bathroom. You start tossing with the DIY idea, after all, you think, how hard can it be? Well, that depends on what you want the result to be.


    It’s Not That Hard?

    Ha, resurfacing a bathtub or reglazing shower tile is very different from splashing some paint on a wall. The glossy, smooth surface of the bathtub and the tile are very similar to the surface of a car. Will you attempt to do a paint job on your car?

    I bet the answer was no. Without the proper tools and equipment such as a spray gun, you will end up with an uneven, dimpled, rough finished result. The disaster that awaits if you try to resurface your:

    Leave it to the experts for a flawless result.

    Why Has Bathroom Resurfacing Gained a Bad Rep?

    This is due to amateurs. When a tile has been painted using a brush or a roller ends up blotchy, lumpy and uneven. Not a good look is it?

    Especially if you are looking at selling your home, the last thing you want is potential buyers to be deterred by how badly painted the bathroom looks. Bathroom resurfacing in Perth done by an expert will look flawless. You will not be able to tell that the now white glossy bathtub used to be a green colour.

    But what about the time it takes you to ask? A professional that has been in the Bathroom resurfacing Perth game long enough can have your entire bathroom resurfaced in as long as 2 days. If it’s just bathtub resurfacing, then a matter of hours.

    How Much Does Bathroom Resurfacing Cost?

    This is a really hard one to answer as it would depend on the size of your bathroom. As an example, bathtub resurfacing will be about a quarter of the cost of installing a new one. Overall, it is the cheaper option to have a new-looking bathroom.

    Convinced to Call an Expert?

    If you try to DIY and something goes wrong, you only have yourself to blame. The job that has been done by an expert comes with a warranty. If anything goes wrong, you are covered by the warranty.

    Choosing a professional for your bathroom resurfacing in Perth will leave you with a flawless, new–looking bathroom to enjoy for another 15 – 20 years. By now, if you are convinced enough to call in an expert, contact Mend a Bath on 1300 885 865 for a free quote on a new-looking bathroom.

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