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skip bin for your move

Skip bins: Why You Need Them When Moving House or Office

Moving from one property to another usually generates a great deal of waste. Moving to a new property can be stressful when you have to clean up your old one. Fortunately, it does not have to be as bad as it may seem with cheap skip bins in Perth – especially when you can get […]

office waste

Office Waste Management Tips and Ideas

Sustainability and green living are no longer mere buzzwords. Increasing numbers of people are reducing their ecological footprint with everyday practices. Sustainability doesn’t just mean being eco-friendly at home. Businesses are also going green through their office waste disposal – and the benefits are immeasurable. A green company is one that manages and reduces its […]


Eco Waste Solutions to Manage Your Household Waste

Not only do building sites need proper construction waste removal, nowadays, but living areas such as a house, flats and condos need so. This is due to an unreasonable amount of household daily waste generation. With an uncontrollable amount of trash, people are searching for the most effective eco waste solutions to get rid of […]


Why You Should Sell Scrap Metal to Scrap Yard in Bayswater

Allowing scrap metal dealers to recycle your scrap metal can benefit the environment and your pocket as well. Recycling scrap metal, such as scrap metal produced from car removal, uses much less energy than mining fresh ore from the ground, resulting in a huge reduction in the world’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, since the Earth’s natural […]


Top Tips For A Tidy Household

It’s a well-known fact…spring means blooming flowers, bunny rabbits and…that annual springtime event known as The Spring Clean. Many people have a love/hate relationship with spring cleaning. Personally I don’t mind it.  Eliminating the clutter that i’ve hoarded throughout the year is a gratifying experience, however for many it can be a tiresome and taxing […]

mini skip bin hire perth

Why Should We Invest In Mini Skip Hire Perth

Have you ever before wished you had a trailer or a Ute to help you haul away all the junk that’s been accumulating throughout your residence for so many years? I understand before I discovered the ease of skip bin hire Perth, I was just surrounded by hordes of unwanted items, waiting for verge pick up […]

CNC router machine

CNC Router Machine

A CNC machine is a computer-controlled cutting machine used for carving and engraving various materials, including PVC board, acrylic, wood, rubber board, marble, glass and plastics. A CNC router machine performs numerous functions due to its simple operation, fast production efficiency, and high processing accuracy. At Tekcel, a dedicated team of experts is always ready […]

cash for cars

How to dispose of old cars and get cash

Most old car owners are always looking for ways to dispose of old cars in a safe or environmentally friendly way and get cash afterwards. Scrap car removal services are one of the best ways to dispose of your old car quickly and safely successfully. Getting rid of your vehicle or selling it to a […]

Do you have the old photos in your home? Digitized them all before too late

How to Choose a Professional Photo Scanning Service? The process of scanning hundreds or thousands of photos can be a challenging task. However, choosing the right photo scanning service provider will ensure that you receive high-quality images based on your preferences. It would help if you chose a professional service provider that understands how to […]

bathroom renovation project

8 successful steps for a great bathroom renovation experience

Bathroom renovation is a big project and sometimes it can overwhelm you, especially if you don’t know where to start and what to prepare. Things like cost estimation and choosing the quotation on the bathroom renovator might confuse you. Thankfully, we have come up with a solution with several steps that you can follow to […]