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    7 Colour-Painted Ceiling Ideas for Summer

    Colour-Painted Ceiling Ideas for Summer

    Summer, which occurs after spring and before autumn, is the hottest of the four temperate seasons. The earliest sunrise and latest sunset occur at or near the summer solstice, daylight hours are the longest and dark hours are the shortest, with day-length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice. The start of summer varies according to climate, tradition, and culture.

    The ceiling is an essential part of the house which covers the whole room in a house, separating it from the roof. The design and colour of the ceiling are pivotal to the entire ambience of the room. However, most homeowners usually ignore this element.

    We need help from ceiling contractors in Perth to take care of both the regular maintenance and the design. Because a house is a place where we take a rest after the whole tiring and busy workday, we need to be comfortable when we are doing activities at home. Living in the house, you do not know that several factors can make your ceiling damaged and collapse.

    It can endanger your family’s safety, which is why regular ceiling maintenance is a primary thing you must do, at least every six months. You need to ensure the source of the damage first and fix it before moving to repair the damaged ceiling. Do not try to do the DIY repair if you believe the ceiling has been heavily damaged.

    We advise you to immediately solve the problem by calling professional ceiling contractors in Perth. For you who are working at the house, not only the safety but also the comfortable interior design of a home can help you to focus also relax at the same time. A monotonous neutral colour of ceiling and wall can make your brain stuck, so why don’t you give it a fresh touch?

    You can play with the colours and transform your room into a new look. Even just a couple of paint coats can change your room’s ambience. If you are still thinking about what colour to choose, here we have some ideas for you!


    Ceiling Colours Ideas for Summer

    1. Gray Ceiling with Matched Wallpaper

    You can combine a dark grey ceiling with wallpaper of matched colour. Opt for a wallpaper with a grey-glossy pattern to make the whole look more beautiful.

    1. Darker Ceiling for Higher Looking Effect

    Do you have a small living room? You can try this trick to make it looks more spacey.

    Try to paint the ceiling a darker colour than the walls. Dark grey wall colour with lighter ceiling colour is matched pair to create a high room illusion.

    1. Lemon Yellow Ceiling for Kitchen

    Why don’t you make it more cheerful? For you who like to stay longer in the kitchen, trying new recipes, it is a brilliant idea to give a fresh touch to the ceiling.

    Paint your ceiling with a lemon-yellow colour to lift your mood. The neutral-white colour walls will match the vibrant lemon yellow ceiling.

    1. Bold Teal Ceiling for Living Room

    For those who love Scandinavian interior design with neutral decor and natural elements, the bold teal ceiling colour will suit you the most. The white colour wall will get along with the bold teal ceiling, especially if the ceiling is made of beadboard. This concept will be perfect for you who want a simple design with bold colours.

    1. Colourful Ceiling and Wall

    Kids’ room with book nook will look good with colourful room. It is a tricky decision because you do not want it ruins the whole ambience of the house. So we give you a tip: colour with the same shade will be good as a pair.

    You can paint the wall with warm purple colour and paint the ceiling a warm yellow colour. The key here is the shade.

    1. Pattern-Painted Ceiling

    No need to buy pricey wallpaper, you can try to paint a DIY pattern on the ceiling to make it looks unique. The white-plain ceiling will get along with the glossy colour pattern. You can get gold-glossy paint and use a star mould to create the pattern on the ceiling.

    1. Slick Blue Ocean Ceiling Kitchen

    The summer is approaching and you can’t wait for beach time. Why don’t you bring it home first? Paint your kitchen ceiling with slick blue ocean colour to bring the beach and summer ambience to your house.


    Have you decided which to choose? The ceiling painting is not that hard. You can look for the DIY step-by-step on the internet.

    But first, when the ceiling is heavily damaged and needs ceiling replacement, better to contact Perth Ceiling Repairs the ceiling contractors in Perth before proceeding to the painting. Summer awaits, but family safety comes first. Have a nice day.