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    Damaged Ceiling FAQs and Solution

    Damaged Ceiling FAQs and Solution

    A damaged ceiling is one of the common issues occurring in most houses in Perth, Western Australia. It will not become a big issue if the homeowner noticed the initial sign of the damage, but if most people don’t know how to identify the damaged ceiling then they will tend to ignore it which could lead to a bigger problem such as the ceiling collapsed. Therefore, we have selected some of the common frequently asked questions which can give you a better insight into what to look at and do about a damaged ceiling. 

    1. What Are the Signs of a Damaged Ceiling?

    Depending on the cause several signs can be identified easily for a damaged ceiling. Cracks are the most visible sign of a damaged ceiling which the source of the cause could be coming from structural damage, large vibrations from external impact or moisture and temperature fluctuations. There’s also water damaged ceiling that can be identified by some of the areas on the ceilings becoming wet, commonly caused by water leaking from the roof.

    2. What Is a Sagging Ceiling?

    If you noticed there are some areas on the ceiling that bulking or pillowing, this is one of the signs of a sagging ceiling. Termites, leaks, natural disasters, undersized drywall and poor construction could cause a ceiling to sag. If not repaired immediately could lead to a major issue. 

    3. Is Mould Also a Sign of a Damaged Ceiling?

    Yes, mould infestation on the ceiling is considered one of the damaged ceiling signs that could directly affect everyone’s health. Mould is a type of fungus that spread its spores through the air which if inhaled could cause a breathing issue for anyone who is not in great condition. The cause of mould infestation is most likely due to the liquid moisture generated from a wet ceiling.

    The simple solution to get rid of the mould is by using white vinegar on them which is effective on 82% of its species. However, it would be best to consult with a professional to find out the best way to deal with it.

    4. How Long to Repair a Water-Damaged Ceiling?

    For a professional and depending on the condition of the ceiling, it would take about 2-3 hours or if the damage has spread to the entire ceiling, it would be about 1 day of work. A water-damaged ceiling is not for non-experienced people to fix because of the potential danger that lurks in any area of the ceiling if it’s not done properly.

    5. Can a Damaged Ceiling Collapse?

    Most certainly, every cause of the damaged ceiling could lead to a fatal issue which is the ceiling collapsing. Several cases reported that the collapsed ceiling occurred due to the lack of repair done to fix the problem properly and immediately. Therefore, if you ever noticed any sign of a damaged ceiling at your home, quickly call a reliable service of ceiling repairs in Perth like Ceiling Fixers. 

    6. Can I Repaint the Ceiling?

    Absolutely, yes! Normally in Perth, once a year, people would repaint the house including the ceiling to get a refreshing look at the house. However, it would be best to repair all of the damaged areas on the ceiling before a repaint because if you left it damaged, it will just cover the issue which eventually will raise a new problem soon.

    7. How to Repair a Damaged Ceiling?

    Every damage situation should be treated differently when doing a ceiling repair, that’s why professional expertise is necessary to do the job because they have trained well to handle each type of ceiling damage. Therefore, opting for the local service of ceiling repairs will be the best course of action to get it fixed properly.

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