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    Garage Door Maintenance Tips For Autumn

    As autumn approaches, it is time for a garage door service to prevent costly, time-consuming garage door repairs during the colder months in Perth. Below are five actionable garage door service steps readers can take during an autumn weekend to prevent garage door repairs in Perth.

    As a result of this garage door maintenance, homeowners can identify problems sooner, improve the performance of their garage doors and interiors, and provide greater protection for their garage contents.

    How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Cooler Weather

    The First Step Is to Check for Air/light Gaps and Seal Them

    Check your garage door visually for spots where light could be leaking in from the outside and make any necessary repairs to prevent the elements from entering.
    Be aware of any air drafts around your garage door or windows, and add weatherstripping, if necessary.

    The Second Step Is to Inspect Your Tracks

    Check both sides of the door for debris and rust on the tracks.
    See if the tracks are bent or not vertical. If left unaddressed, this can result in costly repairs or the need to replace the garage door entirely.
    Consult a residential garage door professional if you cannot make the adjustment on your own or if you feel it is beyond your capabilities.

    Scheduling a Professional Inspection Is Step Three

    You should have a professional garage door repair team inspect your door and major components every season. They can identify problems and provide solutions fast, so you will not have to worry about putting yourself or others in danger.

    Inspection of the Rollers and Springs of Your Door Is Step Four

    To begin, disconnect the motor from the power source.
    Make sure your door’s rollers and springs are not damaged, over-stretched, or worn out.
    Clean worn or dirty parts.
    Lubricate if necessary.

    Finally, Organise the Contents of Your Garage for Easy Access and Better Heat Circulation

    Pack away spring and summer items and store autumn and winter items in accessible places.
    Stackable shelving and storage bins can free up space in your garage.

    After inspecting your garage, if you notice that you require garage door repairs in Perth or a professional garage door service, call the expert team at All Time Garage Doors. We offer the best garage doors prices in Perth and will provide the highest standards of garage door maintenance.