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    Helpful Tips for New Year Clean Up

    The new year is a good opportunity to start fresh and stop some bad habits. It’s also a great time to remove clutter from your home and start the new year off fresh by getting cheap skip bin hire. 

    Now is the perfect time to get rid of some extraneous things that have accumulated around your home for the past year, and you will have a more organised household so that you can focus on new projects.

    What You Should Be Decluttering in Your Home

    Below is a list of the top five things you need to declutter from your home. If you haven’t done a good cleaning by now, and still have some of these things lying around, then it might be time to get rid of them through skip bin hire in Perth’s Northern Suburbs.

    Holiday wrapping and decorations: We all have “that” cupboard, maybe a few of them. Stuff full of Christmas trees, Halloween decorations, old wrapping paper and myriad other decorations and festive accessories that are never going to be used again. Don’t let them hog your storage space, get rid of them.

    Clothing cupboards: We can be a little bit possessive over our clothes, hats, shoes and jackets etc. They either hold too much nostalgia or you promise that you will wear them again (even if they no longer fit). It is a great idea to clean out the good stuff and donate to charity. But those old and work clothing items that no one is ever going to wear again should be chucked in your cheap skip bin hire.

    The linen cupboard: The same applies to your old blankets, sheets and towels. Anything of good quality that you no longer use should be donated to charity to help the homeless and others doing it tough. Those old, faded, stained, ripped or torn items stuffed in the cupboard should be tossed into your cheap skip bin hire.

    The garage: For many of us, the garage can become a “storage” area where we stockpile items that we are never going to use again. This applies to sheds, attics and basements as well. When was the last time you have these areas a good cleanout? Hiring a skip bin will allow you to clean out these spaces and give them a new lease on life.

    The yard: Summer is a great time to do a big clean up of the yard and gardens, pruning trees, mowing lawns and get rid of any rubbish that could potentially become a missile in a storm. A skip bin is the best form of waste disposal for your big yard clean up.

    WA Skips perform waste skip bin services within the Perth metropolitan area and are a specialist waste skip bin company.

    Our contact form on our website is also available if you’d like to contact us about hiring a skip bin for your new year’s clear out. Construction sites, demolition sites, homeowners, and landscapers in Perth use our services. We remove household waste, green waste, and general rubbish of all descriptions.