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backyard garden

6 Tips to clean the rubbish in your backyard garden

Every week, most likely you will find your backyard garden in a not so good-looking condition because of the cluttered rubbish from garden waste piling up everywhere. This was a sign to do the weekly backyard cleaning session which can be done in the efficient and time-saving ways. Needless to say, the backyard garden maintenance routine is […]

ceiling fixer perth - ceiling companies perth

Top Tips for Repairing Cracks in Your Popcorn Ceiling

It sometimes seems like every homeowner that has a popcorn ceiling has a problem with them in one way or another. Usually, this is the cause of a ceiling crack which can be large or small. In any case, if you want the situation solved for good you should contact professional ceiling companies in Perth. […]

ceiling repairs perth

Don’t Let Your Ceiling Collapse! What You Need to be Looking Out For

A ceiling collapse might not be something we like to think about but it’s a fate that befalls numerous people all the time. Ask any of the ceiling companies in Perth and they’ll tell you that denying and avoiding the problem won’t make it go away. The best thing to do would actually be to […]

Plaster Ceiling Repair

How To Get Good Value Plaster Repairs

Have a plaster ceiling in need of repair? Lath and plaster were by far the most common material used in ceilings until the rise of plasterboard in late 1950’s. So, if you live in an older house, plaster repair is exactly what you need. However, one of the things that might be holding you back […]

7 Things That Seem Recyclable But Aren’t

Are you one of the 94% of Australians who are recycling incorrectly? Many of us think we are doing good a good job with our waste management in Perth, but there are many things that intuitively seem recyclable but actually aren’t. Here are 7 things that absolutely shouldn’t be going to your nearest recycling centre […]

Thinking to DIY your Bathroom Resurfacing Project? Think Twice!

If you are the unlucky one that has ended up with an avocado coloured bathtub against brown tiles, I don’t blame you for wanting to update it. After an endless amount of research, you find out the replacement cost and sit on the idea for a couple of years. Then someone may have told you […]

Floor tile resurfacing – All You Need To Know

Are those previously dazzling wall ceramic tiles in your shower room looking a bit dull and lifeless? Have you tried cleaning them, however found it the shine just won’t return? You can of course retile your shower floor but not so great if you do not want to disrupt the rest of your bathroom, or […]

acrylic mirror sheet cut to size

Acrylic Mirror Sheet Perth

What is acrylic mirror and why is it so popular? Acrylic mirror sheets are made from a clear sheet of acrylic which a silver reflective surface area and is the perfect alternative to heavy, fragile and expensive glass. This is the reason why it has suddenly surged in popularity and is fast becoming the design […]