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5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring a Skip Bin

Hiring a skip bin has been proven as one of the convenient ways to manage and organize almost all of your daily waste properly for the residents in the Perth Metro area. Not only you are free from the hassle of delivering the rubbish all by yourself to the local tip but also becoming a responsible person to the environment because with a reputable skip bin hire Perth provider, all of the rubbish will be sorted and categorized based on recyclable and non-recyclable which will go to the local recycling centre or the local tip. 

However, like many other service providers, there are certain practices which renter should follow in order to get the best of it. Therefore, here are some of the common mistakes when hiring a skip bin that should be avoided.

1. No space available

Hiring a skip bin is simple you just need to search on google for “skip bin hire near me” or even get a phone call to your local one which referred from your neighbour but a thing that often missed “Do you have available space at your place to put the skips?”.

The skip bin sizes come in vary from the smallest one 2m3 (mini skip bin hire Perth) to the largest one; frequently used in the industrial project; 10m3 (hook bins), nonetheless, these bins will take up some of the available space at your place. 

2. Hiring a not correct skip bin size

The bigger of the skip bin size is better but in this case, it’s not quite right. Think carefully “do you need a 10m3 for a daily household waste?” or “is a 2m3 bin size is enough for a house renovation project?”. It all depends on what project you are planning to use it for, by understanding this you can save a lot of hiring cost. You can always enquire this to the skip bin provider for a better insight.

3. Not properly placed

Once you have confirmed that you have enough space for a skip bin to be placed and the correct size; usually for a household daily waste a 2m3 skip bin is sufficient; then your next step is choosing where to put the bin. 

Normally, a skip bin provider will ask you on the quotation or a phone call where you want it to be placed, whether in the front yard, backyard or the garage, anything that seems fit with you. However, you need to consider a few things before deciding its placement:

You can discuss this with the skip bin provider so that you will be assured with the proper placement of the skips.

4. Not all rubbish can be put inside a skip bin

As mentioned above, almost all type of rubbish can be put inside a skip bin, therefore, there are still certain types of rubbish that not allowed but people tend to forget about this and just put everything inside resulting in violation breaking then extra cost charged. 

Here are some types of rubbish that are not allowed inside a skip bin:

  1. Large batteries
  2. Fluorescent bulbs
  3. Asbestos
  4. Plasterboard
  5. Medical waste
  6. Gas cylinders
  7. Tyres
  8. Fuel, solvents and paints

It always helps to ask about this first to your skip bin provider so that you won’t get any penalize for breaking the rules.

5. Overfill the skips

Yes, you can load the skips to its maximum volume or until it reaches the top of the container but overfilling it is a big NO because it will cause the vehicle to overweight and exceed the weight limit allowed by the city council and it can cause a safety issue for other road users where the rubbish could suddenly fall. On the case of overfilling skips, usually, you will be charged extra but it depends on the city council and the provider regulations.


These are some of the common mistakes that often occur when people hiring a skip bin, not only for a first-timer but also for the repetitive customer. Think of this as a reminder so that you will avoid any extra charge when the hiring time is up. Additionally, by hiring a skip bin you are following the positive movement of a better environment. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.