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7 Things That Seem Recyclable But Aren’t

Are you one of the 94% of Australians who are recycling incorrectly? Many of us think we are doing good a good job with our waste management in Perth, but there are many things that intuitively seem recyclable but actually aren’t. Here are 7 things that absolutely shouldn’t be going to your nearest recycling centre Perth, despite what you may think.

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Shredded paper

We all know that paper can be recycled but strangely shredded paper cannot be. During the shredding process all the natural fibres are destroyed. This means that, recycled paper made from these shreds would be unable to hold its shape. This is not to say that you shouldn’t shred your documents, you absolutely should if the files are at all confidential. It’s just that maybe you should just throw them in the general waste collection in Perth.

Food containers made of paper or cardboard

Although paper and cardboard containers are a great environmental replacement for plastic containers, this doesn’t mean they can be recycled. The residual food scraps and grease can linger and drastically reduce the quality of the materials. This means pizza boxes, takeaway containers and even used paper plates shouldn’t be placed into a recycling bin unless the parts which have been contaminated are removed.

Paper cups

Similar to food waste, organic matter degrades the quality of paper cups and cardboard drink cartons and makes them unfit for recycling. Additionally, many of these cartons are also lined with plastic which furthers their inability to be recycled.

Paper towels, serviettes and tissues

Are you detecting a theme? These paper products can’t be recycled due to being contaminated from food, fluids, bodily waste among other things. This prevents them from being able to be salvaged in a recycling centre in Perth.

Ceramic products

Because ceramics are quite similar to glass, many people mistakenly believe that they can be recycled. However, this is not the case so don’t go throwing your old broken china in with your glassware.

Bottle caps

Although most bottles are themselves recyclable the lids on top of them usually aren’t. The size and sometimes even the type of plastic used make it difficult to sort and is an ongoing issue for waste management in Perth.

Single use plastic bags

Although the type of plastic that most plastic bags are made from is recyclable, most single use varieties are simply too thin for the machines to handle. They can also cause additional problems if they wrap around individual parts of the machine and prevent them from working effectively.

Were you surprised by any on the list? Many of the things we think we know about recycling just isn’t true. That’s why companies like ECO Resources help us with waste management in Perth. With extensive industry knowledge and quality service, they can help you navigate all your waste issues. Add to that their facilities including a high-grade recycling centre in Perth and you have a waste management service you can trust.