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Best Painted Ceiling Style to Your Room

Do you have a plan to repaint your house? Then, how about your ceiling? You may think about what colour will suit the ceiling best. White is what most people will choose, but let’s try something else. Choosing the right shade for your ceiling will create a unique accent to your living area. Many believed that colour impact our moods, emotions and feelings. That’s why you should choose carefully.

The painted ceiling is an excellent idea if you want a simple room, especially the one free of furniture. The colour will add instant interest to the room, spruce up the room look within a simple touch.

But always remember to contact the experts of ceiling repairs Perth before painting your ceiling. It essential to ensure your ceiling is free of any structural damages. Don’t let it ruin your hard work on the ceiling painting.

If you have no idea how to start, we got it. Read on below for the easy tips and tricks to ace your ceiling and room look.

Your Room Size

If you wish to add a statement to your room, make sure to match it with your room size. The colour you choose can significantly impact the room, especially if you want to paint the wall and ceiling with the same tone.

Painting the ceiling with a lighter colour than the walls will make it looks higher, and lower if you paint it with a darker shade. Choose colours that won’t hurt and over stimulate your eyes. Opt for a lighter colour to make your room looks spacious. Get the darker shades to make your room looks more intimate. But you should choose the darker shades carefully since it may make your room looks stuffy.

If your ceiling is asymmetrical or angled, choose the same colour shades for the ceiling and walls.

Choose a Suitable Paint Finish

Most of the ceiling paints usually come with a matte or flat finish. However, if you choose a darker shade, you can try the satin or eggshell finish to give a reflective and shiny hint. Hire the experts of ceiling repairs Perth to inspect and fix your damaged ceiling. The flaws on the ceiling will be visible if you apply higher-sheen paint on it.

Match With the Room Lighting

Before jumping into the fun part and choose the colour you want to use, you should wait a moment. The room lighting plays a primary role in your room ambience, check it first which shade will match your room lighting. Both colour and lighting will bring emotions and specific mood to the room, either artificial or natural lighting. For instance, pastel pink ceiling will blush under the daylight reflection. Meanwhile, the bold orange ceiling will look glowing under the daylight reflection.

Prepare the Room

If you have decided the room colour, it’s time to do room prep. Please note that it is better to paint the ceiling ahead before the walls. You won’t bother if the paint drips on it since you will paint it next anyway.

But, there’s always an exception. If the ceiling paint is darker than the walls, make sure to set plastic sheets all over the walls to avoid the dripping paint. Make sure to save your floor and furniture from the dripping paint by covering it with drop cloths.

Get the Right Tools

Avoid the dripping paint by using a roller. Get a roller with a suitable length that won’t strain or hurt your hand and back while painting.

Statement ceiling will always be an excellent idea if you feel your room miss something in it. Bring the spotlight to your fifth wall and make your home look more stylish. Assure your ceiling is free of any damage or contact the professional ceiling repairs Perth if you feel unsure. Then, you are ready to make any room in your home to be more chic and comfortable. Click here to read more how to prepare house for autumn.