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    How To Know If You Need Sagging Ceiling Repair in Perth

    sagging ceiling repair

    Sags in the ceiling are often not noticed until they begin to look dangerous. Sagging ceiling repair in Perth is a simple solution, though if you notice them early enough. There is no need to replace a moderately sagging ceiling, and ceiling repair near me can be relatively straightforward. 

    Water leaking through the ceiling is one of the most common causes of a sagging ceiling, so always be on the lookout for a water leak or telltale signs like discolouration or mould. 

    Several hundred kilograms of materials drop down if there is a ceiling collapse, plus months of dust and insulation, which is an obvious safety problem for you and your family. 

    Fortunately, If you catch a sagging ceiling early enough, it is easy to fix. Simply pushing the area of the ceiling up will let you know if the plasterboard is sagging. If it can be moved upward, then it has already begun to come away from the ceiling joists. 

    The most common way of attaching plasterboard to a framework is with adhesives and drywall screws or nails. Despite its lightweight appearance, plasterboard is a heavy material. Plasterboard fixed to a wall has a more even distribution of weight, but when installed on a ceiling, more attention needs to be paid to how it is nailed. 

    What Should I Do if My Ceiling Is Sagging?

    The first thing homeowners should do if they have a sagging ceiling issue is to reach out for professional assistance. Any delays could lead to further damage, higher expenses and more chance of serious structural issues or dangerous accidents. There are three primary courses of action for sagging ceiling repair in Perth including:

    Fixing Simple Problems: If the sagging is limited to one small area or if it is detected early then it could be a relatively easy and affordable fix. Replacing the screws in the boards and attaching them to the battens is easy. 

    Replacing the Entire Ceiling: Unless it is replaced, the ceiling will collapse completely. Installing new sheets will require removing the old plasterboard ceiling and cornice. Support walls may need additional repairs if they show signs of damage. If it is not spaced out correctly, additional load-bearing wood structures will be needed as well as new cornices.

    Reinforcing and Covering Up Existing Damage: With a high set ceiling, you can opt for a cover-up, which involves leaving the existing ceiling in place and building a new ceiling on top of it. The height of the ceiling will be reduced by around 300mm.

    Ceiling Repair Near Me In Perth

    When you have a problem with your ceiling, make sure to ask if there is a sagging ceiling repair in Perth option, as well as a replacement option. A ceiling repair is sometimes possible and other times it is more cost-effective to replace the ceiling. Call All Ceiling Repairs if your ceiling is sagging or needs to be replaced.

    The team at All Ceiling Repairs has been offering high-quality ceiling repair near me services for years, whether at a residential or commercial location. They will assist you in inspecting and fixing the ceiling properly without causing any hassle for you.