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    How to Prolong the Life of a Garage Door

    how to prolong garage door life

    It’s commonly known that a garage door isn’t cheap, it will be wise to know how to improve the lifespan of your current garage door to avoid replacing it with a new one. Generally speaking, garage door servicing is the key factor to prolonging the life of the garage door which is normally done by a reliable garage door service in Perth, however, there are some easy things that you can do to optimize the garage door running smoothly daily. To help prolong the life of your garage door, you can put the following tips into consideration:

    1. Understand How the Garage Door Works

    A garage door is a heavy piece of machinery that consists of several major parts that make it run smoothly. Understanding the basics of how it operates and what are the major parts will give you a better picture of how to maintain it. For example, the garage door and the garage door opener are two different parts that need a specific treatment to achieve top form on every use.

    1. Check the Performance Regularly

    Now, you are already familiar with the garage door parts, next, you have to take extra attention whenever the door is used because a small unfamiliar movement from the part could be an indication of a part’s malfunction. You can easily take notes whenever you are using the door if there are any minor changes like noises, not operating smoothly or sign of rust and dirt which could lead to a major malfunction. Opting for the help of a professional garage door service is a good choice because they are the expert in servicing the door.

    1. Proper Servicing of the Garage Door Main Parts

    The main parts of the garage door include:

    For proper maintenance, these parts should be handled by a professional with particular knowledge and experience in garage door maintenance. Not to mention, the danger it possesses if you are doing it yourself, take the springs as an example, these parts have a massive pressure power that can lead to a disaster if it’s somehow broken due to neglected maintenance.

    1. Regularly Check the Door Balance and Its Safety Features

    Due to the frequent use, the garage door tends to lose its balance, therefore, a stability check is needed to perform regularly. To test it, you can pull the red release handle and move it manually until the door is halfway open, when you let go of the handle, the door should stay put, this indicates that the door’s balance is steady. However, if it falls a few inches on one or both sides, then a professional garage door service is needed to replace the springs.

    While for the safety features, each side of the garage door has sensors that are connected by a beam of infrared. If by any chance the infrared beamline is blocked/disturbed the door will be stopped working in a halfway position which can’t be used for closing or opening. Therefore, a simple check on the sensors on both sides should be conducted whether there’s an object blocking the line or misaligning the position of the sensor.

    If this door test fails and you are not a pro-DIY’er, you should perhaps seek professional help.

    1. Keep the Door From Rust and Dust

    Rust and dust are the notable enemies of any garage door in residential and commercial areas. Not only do they hurt the parts but also make the door looks bad due to the overwhelming rust and dust. Therefore, you need to keep the door clean as possible regularly which is a simple task to do.

    Use some mild detergent and a mop or scrubbing to clean the surface. You can then rinse using a garden hose. While doing it why not clean the inside of the garage as well, you can rearrange the stuff and then throw away the rubbish to a skip bin hire, so that you will get a clean door and garage.

    1. Get the Help of a Garage Door Professional

    While some of the garage door maintenance seems simple and can be done by everyone but certain things require the attention of professionals. Therefore, opt-in garage door service in Perth is always a good way to keep your door regularly maintained. Not to mention doing the maintenance work takes a lot of time which some people don’t have, the professional can do the work for you.


    We can assume that every homeowner love to have a functional garage door with a long lifespan because it can significantly reduce the cost of having a repair or installing a new garage door. Whether you want to do it yourself or with the help of a professional, regular maintenance is always the key factor for a long lifespan of a garage door. Thank you for reading, feel free to share the article.