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    Recycling Construction and Demolition Waste

    recycling near me for demolition waste

    Waste management has changed a lot in the last decade and the need to use recycling services near me has become more pronounced.

    There is a great need to address the state of landfills, waterways and the air we breathe and by recycling near me, individuals and businesses can make a real difference.

    One of the industries where waste management is undergoing a major revolution is the construction and demolition sector. Bricks recycling is a great start, but all forms of metal and rubble can be processed and recycled to create new C&D materials.

    That is why Eco Resources was formed. We offer recycling services for C&D operations near me that includes bricks recycling, metal recycling and much more. If you are looking for the best waste management service in Perth to handle all of your recycling, Eco Resources is the leading operator for your construction and demolition operations.

    What C&D Materials Can Be Recycled

    We all know that steel and bricks recycling is simple to achieve. But there are many other materials that can be recycled as well, including:


    There is plenty of wood scraps and waste generated in construction and demolition projects. This wood can be used as fuel (if it is untreated) or alternatively it can be reclaimed, recycled and turned into particle board for future projects.

    Gyprock or Drywall

    This is a common building material for ceilings and walls. There can plenty of waste and offcuts in construction and demolition projects will generate plenty of gyprock/drywall that can be recycled. One of the reasons this material is so popular is because it can be easily recycled into new drywall.


    There is steel and other metals everywhere in construction and demolition projects. Everything from steel supports to the flashing in the roof contains steel, while there is also plumbing, copper in the walls and much more. Metal is valuable and also finite. Recycling these products is not only the right thing to do but will help drive down the costs of these materials in the future.

    Asphalt Shingles

    There is plenty of offcuts and waste in roof construction projects, plus these shingles need to be disposed of correctly when a roof is being replaced or a premise is being demolished. These asphalt shingles can be easily recycled into a material to make new roads.

    Managing your waste and recycling as much as possible is not only just good for the environment, it will benefit your construction and demolition operations in many other ways including:

    Do you need to improve your waste disposal operations and need to find a recycling operator near me? Eco Resources provides an efficient service that saves you money, improves your waste management operations in Perth and reduces your carbon footprint while boosting your sustainability operations. For more information, please contact Eco Resources today.