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    Where Does Our Rubbish Go?

    Where Does Our Rubbish Go?

    Every day you might be noticing that the skip bin hire Perth company collects all of the rubbish inside their skips and drive off but where does it go to? Where does the final resting place of the green waste or kitchen waste that you recently put in the bin? Is it going straight to the landfill?

    Rest assured; this article will enlighten you on all of the questions you have in mind regarding the rubbish’s final resting place.

    Australia Waste Management Policy

    Sustainability is always the main policy of the waste management process in Australia but in reality, this is harder to achieve than ever before especially during these hard times. Currently, Australia is facing its most critical period regarding waste management due to certain reasons.

    Even though the Australian government has claimed more efforts have been made towards a more sustainable future by maximising recycling and minimising landfill waste but waste management is still far from better instead they are shipping the waste to other countries. With that in mind, it’s advised to start the sustainability movement in our daily life, hopefully, shortly, it can grow into a nationwide movement.

    The Rubbish Journey

    Now comes the main part of understanding how the rubbish is delivered and treated. In general, there are three types of rubbish:

    Each of this type of rubbish will be managed and collected individually, here’s how the journey started:

    1. Collecting Time

    Once the collection date is due, the skip bin provider will collect their skips at your place. Usually, they come with a big truck to load the skips and you don’t need to worry because the team will do all of the loadings.

    1. Transfer Stations

    Then, after the team collected all of the skips from their clients, their next stop will be the local waste or transfer stations. It’s a temporary location for the garbage truck to unload their waste where the sorting process will begin to separate the waste based on recycle-able and not.

    1. Recycling Facility

    About 35% of all general waste usually goes to a recycling facility so that it can be reused and turning it into new products. Materials like aluminium, plastics, paper and glass are commonly found in the recycling facility.

    1. Landfills

    Sad but true this is where most of your daily waste ends up. Storing the accumulated waste is what Landfills are capable of. All of the waste gathered here will eventually decompose but the process is slow which sometimes causes the greenhouse effect and it’s bad for the environment.


    Now you know the journey of your daily rubbish, it’s up to you whether you are opting in a skip bin hire provider service or do the trip to the tip yourself, however, our best advice is to take better care of the environment by increasing the awareness of the reduce, reuse and recycle movement. Thank you for reading the article and feel free to share.