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    Antique Bath Tubs

    Antique bath tubs are constantly rising in value, as they are becoming rare collectibles. Whether you still use your antique bath tub for yourself, or you want to sell it as a collectible item, it most likely needs some repairs and repainting to be done. Bathroom Renovators is, as always, on the spot and can offer a wide range of services for your antique bath tub, regardless if you’re looking for a simple repair, a new color, giving it a truly antique look or just a complete restoration.

    You might have heard from other sources that antique bath tubs are quite difficult to handle and restore, because they are usually made from cast iron. Rest assured though, Bathroom Renovators can handle it! Our Advanced 21 Step Quality Assurance Method can have your antique bath tub restored, repainted and installed back to your bathroom in a matter of days. You might want to know how the entire system works though, so here it goes:

    First off, if the antique bath tub needs heavy repairing or an overall restoration treatment. Our technicians will carefully remove it from your premises and take it into our service. The second step is repairing all the cracks, chips and peeling as to make it ready for the new coating. After everything is covered and there’s no sign of damage, a new coat of bath enamel is sprayed over it. Once the spraying is complete, we will bake it in an oven for the final touch ensuring a flawless gleaming finish. Lastly, the antique bath tub will be delivered to your doorstep and installed.

    Speaking of the coating you can apply to your antique bath tub, you’ll be able to choose from a vast array of 1700 colours. You can choose to paint it in the color of the other fixtures in your bathroom, your tiles or even choose a color combination! This would involve painting the interior of your antique bath tub with white and the exterior with say, dark blue, to get it to match with your bathroom’s colors.

    Last but not least, Bathroom Renovations Perth is also a provider of antique bath tubs. So if you’re interesting in buying one feel free to phone or e-mail us.