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Antique Baths and Antique Bath Tubs

“If you’re looking to purchase a beautiful, freestanding antique bath or want to bring your old antique bath tub back to life… Bathroom Blue can certainly assist you”

Restoring your Antique Bath Tub

The best thing about restoring your antique bath tub is that you’ll save money! Purchasing one from a store will cost you 3 times the amount. No job is too big for Bathroom Renovators. Do you own a farm where your cows drink from your antique bath tub? Or is your bath a family heirloom that’s been in the family as long as you can remember? Whatever age and condition your bath tub maybe in we will have it looking brand new in no time. An antique bath tub will always increase in value, as they are becoming a rare collectable.

Bathroom Renovators will pick up the bath from your home, the bath will then be stripped of its previous treatment. Our Advanced 21 Step Quality Assurance Method, involves a technician attending to all repair work, prior to the bath being sprayed and baked in an oven.

There is a vast range of colours over 1700 to choose from. This will make your antique bath tub truly look like a period piece! You may select a colour for the interior and possibly a different colour for the exterior-or you might just prefer one colour.

Whether your bathroom is a Federation, French Provincial, Tuscan or a Shabby Chic theme-the main feature will undoubtedly be the bath tub.

Your old antique bath tub now looks brand new and is ready for delivery back to your home. We guarantee that you’ll love soaking in your newly restored bath tub repair.

Purchasing an Antique Bath Tub from Bathroom Renovators

Bathroom Renovator can ship a beautiful antique bath to any Australian state. Inquire to us your details and we’ll calculate a total cost for you.