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    Bath Cleaning and Bath Tub Cleaning

    “You don’t have to spend hours trying to clean an unsightly bath. Bathroom Renovators visit hundreds of clients who all make the same comment…

    …’Bath Tub Cleaning is Impossible’…

    Bath Tub Cleaning

    Hours of scrubbing are a waste of time! The old age of a bath is impossible to hide. Numerous cleaning products promise to deliver excellent results, only leading to disappointing results. You’ve tried scrubbing,you’ve used abrasive products-nothing works.

    Forget Bathtub Cleaning when you can solve your problem with bath reglazing. Giving your bath a new surface will definitely save you time and money. Your time won’t be spent on hours and hours of bathtub cleaning.

    All stains, scuff marks, cracks and peeling will simply disappear! The Bathroom Renovators resurfacing phenomenon will allow you to save hundreds of renovating dollars.

    You may have an old cast iron bath which is built-in. These baths originate from England and were installed into Australian homes from the 1940’s up until the 1970’s. They are of a superior quality, and “they just don’t make them like they used to”. It’s almost impossible to purchase one these days, as baths are now produced from acrylic. To replace a built-in cast iron bath with a new one will create a large volume of work, mess and worst of all cost.

    So just when you thought your old, tired, dirty looking bath needed replacing… Look no further, there won’t be anymore dreaded bathtub cleaning after resurfacing has been carried out. A technician from Bathroom Renovations Perth will take approximately 3-4 hours to make your bath brand new. You are then free to use the bath 24 hours after work is completed.

    Your bathtub will look and feel brand new. We guarantee you’ll be delighted with your new bath.