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    Bath Enamel 

    A bathtub has to take a lot of pressure over the years, with a lot of factors joining forces to damage and degrade it, including: your own weight, water, soap particles, dropping objects/the showerhead on its surface, cleaning the tub, steam and constant moisture. The original surface of the tub, called bath enamel is quite resistant to all these factors but in time, the above-mentioned combination can create cracks or make the enamel peel off on some portions. This leaves your bath tub looking old and unsanitary and it can destroy the entire aspect of your bathroom, as it is well known that, as the central piece of it, the bath tub dictates the looks and comfort of your bathroom.

    In the past, when you wanted to get rid of these problems you would have to change the entire bath tub, which required some massive investment, caused a hell of a mess in your home and the process would last for days, causing discomfort and stress for you and your family. With modern technology, came a new and improved method called “re-enamelling“, which is Bathroom Renovations Perth method of choice for fixing bath enamel problems. Removal won’t be necessary, we will give your bath a lustrous glaze on-site with no mess. Here’s how it works:

    1. The tub having bath enamel problems is chemically treated in your bathroom by our technicians.
    2. The degraded bath enamel is removed.
    3. A new coating of bath enamel is applied.
    4. The colour of your choice is sprayed on the tub.
    5. The tub is left to dry for approximately 24 hours.

    All this can be done in a day, so you don’t have to wait for a week until your tub gets its bath enamel treatment. In addition, the process is cheaper than getting a new tub and our technicians won’t leave a string of dust in your bathroom after everything is over. The bath enamel we apply will last you many years before it will degrade again, so you’re making a long-term investment by taking advantage of our services.