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Cast Iron Bath

The cast iron bath originates from the UK. The installation of a cast iron bath into an Australian bathroom predominantly took place from 1900-1970.

They are still the most common type of bath around today.

During this era, the combination of an improved water access system and cheaper hot water, advances in ceramics and iron, and a growing awareness of the importance of personal hygiene led to a revolution in sanitary ware.
It was not until the 1880s that most houses for the middle-classes were built with a cast iron bath.

Although porcelain was not suitable for making full-sized baths, special baths for feet, for example, were available. They remained expensive compared with the cast iron baths which were introduced in the 1880s.
Victorian baths were usually regarded as furniture and therefore tended to be boxed in. Towards the end of the century, the outside of a free-standing bath was usually painted.

The durability and comfort of a cast iron bath can offer you much enjoyment.

Advantages of Having A Built-In Cast Iron Bath

· Retention of heat for longer periods
· Easy to clean-very resistant to various products and chemicals
· Won’t chip or damage easily
· You’re able to change the colour through enamelling