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    Freestanding Bath Tub

     Although freestanding bath tubs had their “moment of glory” back in Victorian times, they are gaining more and more ground nowadays, becoming a popular and fashionable choice with modern bathroom designs. Admittedly, a freestanding bath tub won’t fit in any bathroom, but many will benefit from having such a fixture around.

    Usually made from acrylic or cast iron, freestanding bath tubs are a great combination between efficiency, comfort and looks. They are efficient because you will be able to position them freely around your bathroom, thus saving some space and they also take less room in comparison to fixed bath tubs. Their high comfort level derives from the fact that the material used in making most models allows for a greater flexibility in what regards the freestanding bath tub’s design. A freestanding bath tub’s looks may be defined as “classic” or “traditional”, but using the right colours it can also fit into any modern bathroom.

    One of the most important features of a freestanding bath tub is the way its base is designed. There’s a wide variety of base types, but the two most important ones are the flat base (the entire bottom area of the freestanding bath tub touches the ground) and the claw feet type. Your decision of choosing between these two types won’t be simply aesthetical, as they offer different levels of stability and different possibilities of moving the tubs around your bathroom. The shape of the upper body of your freestanding bath tub is also important, both for comfort, aesthetics and for how you can fit it in around the other bathroom fixtures. Some freestanding bath tubs come with a rectangular upper body, whereas others have an oval one. Oval freestanding bath tubs are considered more comfortable to bathe in.

    Freestanding bath tubs are easier to clean and restore than fixed ones, but the choice between the two is always a hard one. With comfort levels being high for both types of bath tubs, the choice will probably boil down to their looks and how they fit in your bathroom setting.