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    How to Tell if Your Ceiling Can Be Saved?

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    Have you noticed a problem with your ceiling? Are you unsure if it can be saved by a ceiling fixer in Perth? There are a variety of issues that may be plaguing your home and many of them are highly fixable.

    However, some aren’t. Here is a handy guide to help you figure out if your ceiling can be salvaged through ceiling repairs in Perth or whether you need a replacement.

    Has Your Ceiling Been Damaged by Water?

    Typically, if you experience water damage it is due to a different underlying issue, like a leak in the roof or damaged pipes. As such, it is important to get the main problem sorted before you even begin to contact Perth ceiling fixers.

    Unfortunately, fixing the underlying cause will be an added expense but the good news is that water damage is usually repairable. However, that is no reason to be complacent because if left too long water damage could result in a collapsed ceiling which will not only pose a safety risk for you and your family, but replacements will be costly as well.

    Is Your Ceiling Cracking?

    Ceiling cracks are a source of stress for many, but they do vary in their severity. In some circumstances, like if they have a spiderweb appearance, cracks are often just a result of harmless aging. In these situations, simple patchwork either by yourself or a Perth gyprock fixer will suffice.

    However, in other cases, the cracks may be an indication of potential structural damage and should be looked at by a professional right away. This is especially important if you notice that the cracks accompany a sagging ceiling.

    Is the Ceiling Dipping or Sagging?

    Sags can be the result of several factors including the aforementioned water damage or structural issues as well as poor workmanship and the presence of pests. It’s always a good idea to get someone in to have a look as a dip is an early indication of your ceiling weakening and a collapse could occur if the situation is neglected.

    If the dip is mild enough or detected early enough, re-strapping might be a viable option, otherwise, you may be looking at replacements. In either case, you should contact a ceiling fixer in Perth.

    Is There Any Mould?

    Mould thrives in cold, damp environments and so it frequently accompanies water damage or some other build-up of moisture. Therefore, it is essential to sort out the accompanying problem to avoid a reoccurrence. However, mould is usually treatable, so you don’t need to worry about the well-being of your ceiling in Perth.

    Get the Best Ceiling Repairs in Perth

    If you need a ceiling fixer in Perth, you should contact All Ceiling Repairs. They are highly skilled professionals who will be able to give you a fighting chance at saving your ceiling.

    Plus, their prices are highly competitive, and their standard of service is well worth it. Contact them today and get a quote for your ceiling repairs in Perth.

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