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    The Build Renovation Checklist

    the build renovation checklist

    It helps to use our complete renovation checklist, which includes everything you need to prepare for each stage of the process. We’ve all heard nightmare stories about renovation projects where many factors can go wrong:

    For one thing, renovation is complex, especially for a bathroom renovation project, so before you start on your renovation project it is always important to pre-plan and plan. The important thing to remember is to do your research upfront such as:

    We have come up with a renovation checklist to allow you to appropriately plan out exactly what you want from your renovation project and how you expect it to happen. This way you can minimise the risk that can affect your project which could leave a disastrous outcome.

    Here’s the Renovation Checklist:

    1. List the renovation projects you are considering
    2. Start writing down a plan for your project, every specification – the more detailed the better
    3. Do some research to get rough estimates of the cost of the renovations
    4. Are you familiar with the building code and the consent required?
    5. Be familiar with local council regulations and restrictions
    6. Look in magazines, catalogues, or open houses to get some ideas for your renovation projects
    7. Prioritise your renovation project, keeping in mind your budget
    8. Do you have enough cash in the budget to finance the renovation?
    9. Decide on a budget Add a contingency budget – problems can arise during the renovation process
    10. Write down a list of criteria you want from your builder and architect
    11. Research and look for the appropriate builder and architect that fits into your renovation project
      Is the builder qualified and a member of the Master Builders Association (MBA)
    12. Have you got the consent needed to start the project?
    13. Get all ‘bids’ from builders, if a price is higher than the others find out why that is.
      Remember, the cheapest is not always the best. As a rule, you get what you pay for. You can try this link if you need to find a tradesman in Perth.
    14. Discuss thoroughly with your builder and architect what you want in the project
    15. Is the architectural designer qualified? Do they have references?
    16. Are the subcontractors qualified and proven?
    17. Are contracts in place? Have you reviewed it or let a legal lawyer view it?
    18. Get everything in writing
    19. Make sure there is a health and safety plan for the project
    20. Make sure you keep in constant contact with your builder and architect.
      A good builder will keep you informed throughout the project.
    21. Always keep a constant eye on the project whatever stage it is at.
    22. Finally, inspect your renovation project. Is it what you expected?

    Now that you know what to do – you’ll need a top-flight builder to help you through the process. Read also about renovation tips here. Contact our team at 9473 1800 for a no-obligation Renovation Consultation.

    You’ll get an expert appraisal of your property and renovation plans to ensure to make the most of your renovation budget.