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    7 Things You Thought Were Recyclable, But Aren’t

    Things That Seem Recyclable But Aren’t

    Ever wondered if you’re getting recycling right? It’s a common concern because, let’s face it, many of us aren’t!

    Some items we toss in the recycling bin might not belong there after all. But fear not!

    Let’s chat about seven unexpected items and the proper way to dispose of them. Oh, and if you’re in Perth, don’t forget about the recycling centre Perth by Eco Resources – they’re a great resource for sorting out what goes where!

    1. Shredded Paper

    You’d think the paper is paper and should be recyclable, right? Not quite.

    When you shred paper, it messes up the fibres, making it impossible to recycle. So, if you’ve got confidential documents to shred, it’s okay to do so, just make sure they end up in the regular trash, not the recycling bin.

    2. Food Containers Made of Paper or Cardboard

    Paper and cardboard containers seem eco-friendly, but they’re a no-go for recycling if they’ve had food in them. Grease and food scraps mess up the recycling process.

    So, before you toss that pizza box or takeout container in the recycling bin, give it a good rinse.

    3. Paper Cups and Cardboard Drink Cartons

    Those disposable coffee cups and juice boxes might look like paper, but they’re not easy to recycle. The mix of organic matter and plastic linings makes them a recycling nightmare.

    Toss them in the trash instead.

    4. Paper Towels, Napkins, and Tissues

    We use them to clean up spills and wipe our noses, but these paper products can’t be recycled once they’re used. They’re usually contaminated with food, fluids, or worse.

    So, into the regular trash, they go.

    5. Ceramic Products

    Ever broken a mug or plate and thought about recycling it like glass? Turns out, ceramics aren’t recyclable like glass.

    They belong in the trash, not the recycling bin.

    6. Bottle Caps

    While plastic bottles can usually be recycled, the caps often can’t. They’re too small and made of a different type of plastic, making them a hassle for recycling facilities.

    Toss them in the trash separately.

    7. Single-Use Plastic Bags

    You might think those thin plastic bags are recyclable, but most of the time, they’re not. They’re too flimsy for recycling machines and can even cause problems if they get tangled up.

    Opt for reusable bags instead.

    Let’s Recycle Right and Make a Difference!

    Recycling can be tricky, but knowing what not to recycle is just as important as knowing what to recycle. By avoiding these seven common mistakes, we can all do our part for the environment.

    And if you need help navigating the world of waste management, companies like ECO Resources are there to lend a hand. Let’s work together for a cleaner, greener planet!

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