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    Top Tips For A Tidy Household


    It’s a well-known fact…spring means blooming flowers, bunny rabbits and…that annual springtime event known as The Spring Clean.

    Many people have a love/hate relationship with spring cleaning. Personally I don’t mind it.  Eliminating the clutter that i’ve hoarded throughout the year is a gratifying experience, however for many it can be a tiresome and taxing chore. No matter how you feel about putting on those marigolds, it need to be done. But fear not…

    Here are my 5 top tips for a tidy household, so grab your feather duster, dust off your screen and read on:

    Choose a Long Weekend

    Yes, I know you’d much rather be lunching, lazing on a beach, playing ball in the park…in fact anything else. But when it comes to spring cleaning, you want to get through the task in one go. I mean let’s face it, cleaning the house one room per weekend might sound like a good idea, however by the time you finish, it’ll be springtime again! Instead, choose a long weekend where you can get it all done. The added day will ensure you do a thorough job and just think how pleased you’d be at the end result.

    Plan & Set Time Limits

    Spring cleaning can appear challenging and you can end up feeling overwhelmed with the enormity of it all. I mean, where should you even start?  Make a plan and set a time-frame for things. Decide which rooms you want to start with first. Top to bottom, left to right, front to back. It doesn’t matter, so long as you’re able to move from one space to another quickly and easily.

    Setting bit-sized time frames will also make the whole task feel more doable. Set a task for each hour e.g. you’ll clean the washroom by 12:30, then tackle the bedroom by 14:30. Not only will this help you develop your time-management skills, it’ll also make spring cleaning faster and easer for you to remain on top of your routine…it’s a win-win!

    Declutter As You Go

    During your spring clean session, you’ll no-doubt realise how much stuff you’ve hoarded throughout the year.  Decluttering can free up valuable space in your house and you’ll find the actual cleaning part of the task much easier. Go through all your clutter and place in three piles: keep, throw or donate. As this is a visual exercise, you’ll soon learn to remove emotion from your choices and free your mind at the same time. As the saying does go…tidy house, tidy mind (I think!)

    Turn Spring Cleaning Into a Spring Party!

    Attempting to deal with the mountain of stuff and the blanket of dust that’s accumulated can be boring so enlist help. Grab a couple of mates or bribe your family to come give you a hand. Several hands make lite work as they say. Delegate a space each. Give the kids a list of age-appropriate

    chores and turn it into a competition to see who can go through their list the fastest. Blast some music, get into the party atmosphere and clean while you sing. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done when you’re having fun! Oh and when you’re reaching for that second bottle of Coke, instead of drinking it, clean with it! Yep my top tip is replacing the cap of your Coca-Cola with a trigger spray and spray it on the taps. Rub the entire surface with a cloth and the sparkle and shine you’ll get is pure magic!

    Choose a Domestic Skip Hire Company

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