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    The Wonderful World of White Sand

    White Sand in Perth

    White sand in Perth is highly sought after by many and it’s easy to see why. There are two kinds of vibes that are associated with sand. You have sand that looks coarse and unrefined, and that is associated with being dirty and unclean.

    However, you also have sand that is clean and pure, and that reminds you of the beach or a playground. The latter is the magic feeling that only white sand can create. Its distinctive characteristics make it unique and desirable in the world of sand.

    Read on to find out more.

    What Is White Sand?

    It may be unsurprising for you to hear that the most distinctive feature of this sand is its white colouration. This means that it is typically used if the application is going to be highly visible, as it gives a crisp, clean look in comparison to other types of sand. White sand in Perth is usually made from crushed limestone.

    This rough limestone mixture is then washed thoroughly and sized through a variety of screens at the given sand plant. This gives the sand its signature look as well as a very pleasant soft, fine texture. More often than not this is quite an expensive option compared to other sand varieties.

    This is why it is only really chosen when aesthetics are of the utmost importance whether that is the look or if a soft feel is essential.

    What Is White Sand Used For?

    White sand can be used for a wide variety of projects as it has distinct advantages. However, if your project is going to require the use of sand, you should make sure that you complete all the necessary research into the sand types, from comparing the sand price per cubic meter in Perth as well as analyzing their benefits and drawbacks. The white sand is a great alternative when you are looking to emulate the look and feel of beach sand.

    Volleyball courts and sandpits are common places that use white sand for this reason. It is also often used as an additive for something like mortar or an ingredient in concrete paving stones or swimming pools

    White Sand Tips

    Before buying this sand make sure you do a whole bunch of research to make sure you know how to take care of the sand. Upon delivery, the sand should be used relatively quickly because leaving the sand exposed to the weather can make it much harder to move in the future.

    Get the Highest Quality White Sand in Perth

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