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    Bathroom Design


    At Bathroom Blue Perth, we really care to deliver each client the bathroom they have always dreamed of. It is an important part of your home and no doubt one, that you have plenty of ideas for. So, let us bring them to life for you, through quality bathroom design. Using our professional software, we will be able to map out what your bathroom is going to look like, including all of the necessary appliances and features. Every single piece will be inch-perfect and will fit in seamlessly with the next. And, the colour scheme will be carefully applied, again based on your preference.

    Custom Bathrooms

    You can enjoy a completely custom design, as every small detail is made to fit your needs. You will have full choice over the products and installations that we include, as well as the various other building materials that we will use in the space. From vanities to mirrors, bathroom tiles to bathtubs; whatever you see fitting into your dream bathroom, let us know, and we will make sure it finds its place.


    Ensuite Renovations

    The ensuite bathroom is easily the most important, in the whole home. It is going to be your own personal space and should be one that makes you feel comfortable. We can include all of the installations of your choosing, use the colours you want the most and make sure there is a smooth and easy doorway to the next bedroom.

    Bathroom Restyling

    It is always nice to keep your bathroom looking fresh and new. It makes it feel more comfortable and more welcoming. Whether you are just looking for a touch-up for the aesthetics or you want a bit more of an overhaul, we will be able to do it, through our bathroom restyling service. By making use of our usual great standard of products and materials, you know you are going to be making worthwhile upgrades to your bathroom, that is going to last you a long time.


    Bathroom Extensions

    You may be having a new bathroom installed, for the first time. Perhaps you have just had the plumbing fitted and you are ready to finish the job, with a completely new bathroom extension. At Bathroom Blue Perth, we will be able to offer our full support, towards the construction of your new extension. We will take down all of the dimensions of the space and make sure we can fit the features, that you want to be there.

    Laundry Renovations

    Laundry rooms are very convenient to have. They make washing clothes easier and are kept neatly away from the rest of the space in your home. But you still want yours to look the part and serve you as much as you need. So, you should be making sure your laundry renovation is handled properly. That is why you should trust the job to us. We will design and implement a quality new space, with all of the features that you need.