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acrylic mirror sheet cut to size

Glass vs Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Acrylic mirror sheet has superseded glass as the favoured material. Safer, cheaper, lighter and stronger, it is easy to see why more people are choosing it. The uses are many with  mirrored acrylic being used in gyms, dancing workshops, schools, hospitals, retail outlets and the home. Acrylic sheets provides the very same clarity as glass but without the fragility resulting in total satisfaction. Let’s look at the two materials in more detail:

Benefits Of Acrylic Mirror Sheet Over Glass

Glass is typically made use of as windows or mirrors, but acrylic is coming to be an increasingly preferred alternative for a number of reasons. It’s excellent for using indoors and also out, and having a greater Refraction Index than glass, it enables a lot more light to go through to lighten up smaller or dull areas.

Glass on the other hand is far too fragile and needs to be handled with care at all times. If it does break, it has the tendency to shatter and spread far and wide making it easy to miss pieces and hence poses a greater risk of injury.

Acrylic mirror sheet is far stronger than glass, so the danger of it damaging or breaking is decreased, but it’s also shatterproof which means it will break into large, blunt pieces which can safely be located and disposed of.

Glass can also be quite heavy which makes it difficult to manoeuvre and together with it being so delicate can make it a tough job to handle.

Acrylic sheets are lighter than glass so it’s easy to fit as well as mount on your own, and simple to handle. When it’s fitted to the wall surface, there’s no distortion in the image and also you’ll get the same clear reflective surface that you would certainly with glass but without the inconvenience and risk of damage.

Uses for acrylic mirror sheet

Acrylic sheets are very versatile making it an ideal and practical solution for many occasions.  Perfect for wall to wall mirroring in dance studios and the gym because it is more hardwearing than glass and lighter on the wall. Because you can laser cut acrylic to any type of size or shape, it’s optimal for making use of in washrooms or on the backs of doors to open the area and bring in light. It can also be used outdoors because it won’t fade and is strong enough to resist fluctuating weather


When measuring for the right size of acrylic, it is essential to ensure you have the precise specifications. Allow a 2-3mm gap around the sides for a snug fit and allow 6-7mm for adjacent edges to make sure that the adjoining joint is protected.

We advise ensuring the wall surface where the mirrored sheeting is being installed is definitely level; if you are not sure, try affixing the acrylic to some MDF, and then connecting the MDF to the wall to make certain that the mirror gets on a totally level surface area.

To affix the acrylic sheet you can either drill the acrylic to the wall, making certain that you are using the correct drill bit to avoid harming the product, or use a solvent-based adhesive to simply glue the sheet to the wall surface.

For more information on how you can utilise acrylic sheets in your home, office or company and to purchase, we recommend Perth’s premier distributor of acrylic sheets.

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